Top Private Servers

Nexus - 1.2.219 KMS Private Server
Welcome to Nexus, the only KMS private server out right now! Our rates are {50/8/4} to provide a medium paced fun environment! We aim to give English speakers a rare look into the korean side of MapleStory and the unique items and bosses! We are just starting out and applications are open!

We are a brand new and upcoming 667 server, we have a lot to offer, we are brand new very small community looking for dedicated players! Even staff! We have a working Nex, Corp, Safe PvP, Drygores, So please give us a try!

GenesisX is a brand new 317 server, with lots to do. Fully working dungeoneering, perfect pvp, and lots of bosses! Active community and forums. Endless hours of fun

[BOI]KS- Legends Never Die
Epic Play to win. Server Exp:50, Drop:45. Reset system like muonline. Come and Enjoy :-]

BOI Addicting Network
BOI Addicting Network New Patch Odins Wrath Expansion, Experience: x500 Drop Rate: x500 ZEN: x500 Patch: Odins Wrath Free ZEN: 50k at register Join now

Boi - OnlyPro Gaming
9999x REAL RATES Active GAME MASTERS, DEDICATED HOST, Free Items on start, OFFICIAL server files, DDOS PROTECTION, Fully updated with latest official changes, lag free and professional support JOIN NOW

Battle of The Immortals - Revolution
Experience the best BOI private server ever created Official server files fully working with lag free and dedicated support Rates are 9999x for everything Join today or youll come later

BOI -EXP x250, Gold x250, Drop x250, Vote for cash, new updated client free to download, high speed gameplay, website up 24 /7 , no lag, fast loading, Enjoy

We Do It For Fun
A new Ark server that has something for everyone! This server is officially open to the public and there is no password needed.. Just search for "We Do It For Fun" in Ark. Add "CallMeShooter" on Steam for more information!